Prison Fellowship

Article by Miles Trump — When I read about prison in the Bible, the first person to pop into my mind is the apostle Paul – the New Testament writer put behind bars several times throughout his missionary journeys for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. In this context, passages such as Matthew 25 seem … More Prison Fellowship

Living Without Light

Article by David Nelson — The darkness of spiritual depression and spiritual desertion confuses, disrupts, and overwhelms many brothers and sisters in the Church. It’s a period of morbid introspection, crumbling assurance, unexplainable joylessness, and frustrating apathy. It can, more or less, also feel like God has absolutely deserted you. Above all, though, it is … More Living Without Light

Silent Treatment

  Article by Michael Bolland — Silent Treatment: This phrase, to me, is associated with memories of divisive high school drama or stubborn sibling insistence over trivial matters. I would guess I’m not the only person who connects this phrase with various experiences that involved childish manners of handling conflict. Essentially, it seems to be … More Silent Treatment


Article by Miles Trump — By now, you’ve probably watched or heard about the video. A 26-year-old Atlantic City man, Ibn Ali Miller, intervenes during a street fight between two boys while a group of other young men egg them on from the street corner. Another boy is recording the altercation as Miller approaches, stops … More Fatherfullness

Dating Within the Context of Community

Article by Patrick Ray — Too many churches are segregated based on position in life. There are 20-something groups, singles groups, empty-nester groups, married groups, children’s ministries, middle-school youth groups, and high school youth groups. There’s nothing wrong with any of those groups (Pastor Drew, I promise, youth group is cool), but if the people … More Dating Within the Context of Community

False Advertising

Article by Paul Stiver — I graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a degree in Strategic Communication, aka Advertising. Since I graduated in 2009, I’ve never worked a job in advertising or any related field. I do not use my degree. However, I do use the things I learned while acquiring … More False Advertising