Prison Fellowship

Article by Miles Trump — When I read about prison in the Bible, the first person to pop into my mind is the apostle Paul – the New Testament writer put behind bars several times throughout his missionary journeys for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. In this context, passages such as Matthew 25 seem … More Prison Fellowship

Living Without Light

Article by David Nelson — The darkness of spiritual depression and spiritual desertion confuses, disrupts, and overwhelms many brothers and sisters in the Church. It’s a period of morbid introspection, crumbling assurance, unexplainable joylessness, and frustrating apathy. It can, more or less, also feel like God has absolutely deserted you. Above all, though, it is … More Living Without Light


Article by Miles Trump — By now, you’ve probably watched or heard about the video. A 26-year-old Atlantic City man, Ibn Ali Miller, intervenes during a street fight between two boys while a group of other young men egg them on from the street corner. Another boy is recording the altercation as Miller approaches, stops … More Fatherfullness

Dating Within the Context of Community

Article by Patrick Ray — Too many churches are segregated based on position in life. There are 20-something groups, singles groups, empty-nester groups, married groups, children’s ministries, middle-school youth groups, and high school youth groups. There’s nothing wrong with any of those groups (Pastor Drew, I promise, youth group is cool), but if the people … More Dating Within the Context of Community

The Mind of Christ

Article by Lance Steiger — Here’s something I’ve been thinking about lately… We live in a remarkable age.  We really do.  The phone in my pocket can access almost all of the collective knowledge of the human race. Google even brags about the speed at which it fetches this information… “About 24,500,000 results (0.59 seconds)”…not … More The Mind of Christ