Silent Treatment

  Article by Michael Bolland — Silent Treatment: This phrase, to me, is associated with memories of divisive high school drama or stubborn sibling insistence over trivial matters. I would guess I’m not the only person who connects this phrase with various experiences that involved childish manners of handling conflict. Essentially, it seems to be … More Silent Treatment

False Advertising

Article by Paul Stiver — I graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a degree in Strategic Communication, aka Advertising. Since I graduated in 2009, I’ve never worked a job in advertising or any related field. I do not use my degree. However, I do use the things I learned while acquiring … More False Advertising

Rest More, Kill More Sin: Your Summer Guide to Doing Less

Article by: Aaron Shaw, 6/21/2016 — I’ll be the first to say that summer is one is my favorite seasons. When we turn the corner from rainy 40 degree spring to that first 60 degree day with nothing but sunshine, I’m the first one to throw on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and grab my … More Rest More, Kill More Sin: Your Summer Guide to Doing Less


One of the most dangerous things you can believe in our modern world is that technology is neutral. Yes, technology is the means by which we transform the world as it is into the world that we desire. However, what we often fail to notice is that it is not only the world that gets … More VELT IT!

How Neil deGrasse Tyson Helped Me Worship Our Lord

I recently watched Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos series, which is a deep scientific dive into the vastness of our universe and the Earth’s place inside it. Tyson is a professed agnostic, and the show clearly presents science as the most venerated of human pursuits, even positioning scientific discovery as a kind of god that can … More How Neil deGrasse Tyson Helped Me Worship Our Lord