Blog & Site Information

Welcome to The Men of Hope blog! This website is for the Men of Hope: the college students, working professionals, dads, and everyone in between. We are men who desire to know our calling in the Kingdom. Through struggle or victory, we faithfully exalt God in all we do. We value friendship, authenticity, truth, encouragement, and worship. We see this blog as a chance for men to share their stories to build each other up, and praise God for the work He is doing.

Men of Hope exists to connect the men of our community with one another, to help them comprehend what it means to be a Gospel man, and to challenge them to follow Christ in all areas of their life.

The Men of Hope ministry continues to grow and serve the men of Hope Community Church. Our aim is to develop men into the image of Christ by offering opportunities to journey together and seek first the Kingdom. One of the areas we aim to grow and develop is the Men of Hope Blog. In years past the blog has been an accessible and easy way for us to connect men to our ministry. We intend to advance the gospel through the Men of Hope Blog with help from the writers, their content, and the Men of Hope leadership.

What do we write about?

We have three categories of blog posts: Events, Theology, and Culture.

  • Our events category features information about upcoming and current events within the Men of Hope ministry.
  • The theology category is aimed to provide personal experience, wisdom, knowledge, and biblical truths for men. We like to highlight ways that God is working in and through the lives of men at Hope. These posts can be about anything from a story on the decision to plant a church to a personal reflection on brokenness. Within this category, the aim is to provide a robust and dynamic view of theology through the lens of the gospel in context of lives of the Men of Hope Community Church.
  • Our last category, culture, involves directing people to how culture plays a vital roles in our lives and how it impacts us as men. These posts could include books, tv, pop­culture, current events, christian culture, or Hope culture. Our focus is how culture shapes men and how we are called to live in the world, but not of the world. The other focus is to illuminate the ways the culture at Hope impacts both individuals and the church movement.

Can I Write For the Blog?

Because this is a community, we want to hear from you. If you are interested to write for the Men of Hope Blog, please email the If you have any questions regarding the blog, posting process, the categories, or any general question, please email