Men of Hope: Preseason

As you all may be aware based on the fact that NFL training camps are starting, students are coming back after “working” all summer and it cooling off outside (wait…never mind on that last one!), fall is upon us! And with the fall at MOH comes the kick off of our year! We’ve got a lot of great stuff planned for the year, and we’re excited to see how God is going to use MOH to bring glory to himself and expand his kingdom this year.

Have you wondered what MOH’s vision and mission are, and how those influence what we do? Or who the leaders are? Or are you just curious about what is going on this year?

To start the year off well and talk about all that we have planned, we are having MOH Preseason on August 27th at Hope East from 9am-10:30am. The basics of Preseason are that we feed you some coffee and donuts and let you know what MOH will be up to this year! We’ll cast some vision forMOH, let you know why we do what we do, present you with some opportunities for ways to get involved with MOH, go through the events we’ll be having, talk about coaching and the blog, and unveil the Bootcamp theme! We’ll have a chance for you to get to know some people who are also interested in MOH, ask some questions of MOH leadership and let us know if there’s stuff you’d like to see MOH be doing!

We really hope you can join us! Please RSVP here on the City so we know how much food to get and how many guys to prepare for!

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