Father. A Story Of Adoption: My Daughters And Mine


When I got married, I was struck by how much Jesus must love us to give his own life for us. I realized that I was being called to love Kelly in the same way and that was tough. Now as a dad, sharing the name Father with God has only reminded me how incredible is our Heavenly Father’s love.

I’m selfish and want things my way. My way usually doesn’t include princess parties, hours of piggyback rides, or late night stalling before bedtime. However, it’s amazing how love covers so much, and now I can’t wait to get home to play princess, have a pillow fight, and stay up late dreaming of what animals would win in a fight. (Zaryah thinks giraffes always win, “long necks”) I have an extra amount of understanding of how great our Father is, since He loves the disobedient children who make up His family. He is patience, compassionate, and enduring in His love for us.

I am so encouraged by the dads of Hope Community Church. I have fresh eyes for those who play in the gym after Sunday school, share the bible with their kids in church, and the brotherhood I see among dads who try to help each other love their families well.

I recently shared about a very tough few days we had with our girls, and another dad hugged me. No talk, no advice, just a hug to let me know he gets it. I’m blessed to be with men who see that sharing the name Father with God is a great calling which forces us to rely on the God who has perfected the art of Fatherhood. Our kid’s view of Abba God, is shaped by their life with everyday daddy at home.

–Drew Zuehlke

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