How Neil deGrasse Tyson Helped Me Worship Our Lord


I recently watched Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos series, which is a deep scientific dive into the vastness of our universe and the Earth’s place inside it. Tyson is a professed agnostic, and the show clearly presents science as the most venerated of human pursuits, even positioning scientific discovery as a kind of god that can answer all our questions about life and existence. Even so, the show has done a fantastic job of pointing me to worship God with a new-found reverence.

I was a child the last time Haley’s comet swam through our patch of sky, but I remember that our family drove out to an observatory to get a glimpse of the celestial streak. The comet was cool, but I remember marveling at the incredible vastness of the night sky. I’d never wondered how big our universe was before that day, but in that moment I found myself staring through a telescope, only a little bigger than I was, and looking at planets that were half a solar system away. I realized then that our universe was big. And that our God is even bigger.

Isaiah 40:12 says that God “has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens.” I find this detail all the more dizzying when I ponder the unthinkable immensity of our universe a universe that God created to be infinite in order to display His own infinity.

Shows like Cosmos help fill me with a greater awe for our God, and fuel my desire to worship the Lord who created such a beautiful universe. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes God as the author of the universe, and our scientific pursuits have become crowded with arguments over how old the universe is and whether or not humans evolved from apes. I love the discussions, but these arguments aren’t helpful. As Christians we should have the courage to explore science, having faith that a truer understanding of our galaxy will eventually point back to our Creator.

If God really created the universe then his fingerprints should be all over it. Good science actually uncovers those fingerprints, and it should be our job as Christians to point people to the one who left those marks on our world. Let us point others to the reasons why we think that science and the Bible reveal the same being; let us point people to our wonderful God.

Ben Reeves

How can we better rest in God’s truths about creation as we engage with other points of view?

How do the wonders of God’s creation drive me closer to worshiping Him?

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