My Summer Of Gardening

I don’t particularly enjoy being outside, especially in the summer when it’s hot, sticky, humid, and all out gross. I don’t like weather that makes me sweat. I don’t have a green thumb. In the past, I’ve never liked gardening, and never thought it was something that I’d actually do. Surprisingly, I’ve found that I do enjoy it.

This summer I decided that I was going to give into a crazy whim, and start an herb garden. On the rails of my deck there is a built in box for planters, so I got three trough planters and started a garden.

I had no idea what I was doing, so I enlisted the help of a botanist friend, and, at the store, we began to assemble my garden. My friend went through each basil plant, inspecting the leaves and choosing the healthiest. She then moved onto the mint, and the chives, doing the same thing. Some of the plants didn’t look healthy, so we passed them over. Each plant was specifically chosen.

Once we picked out my plants, we went to my house to plant them. After filling the planter boxes with dirt, we dug a hole and deliberately placed each plant in the place where it would have enough room and sunlight for optimal growth.

But that was just the beginning. Once the plants were where they needed to be, I had to keep them alive. Every day I had to water my plants, and as they began to grow, I had the joys of clipping the leaves and eating the herbs of my labor.

Having an herb garden has been a lot of fun, but it has also been work. Not only did I choose each plant, I’ve nurtured them for growth. I think there’s a lesson here. Throughout life we have a choice to choose and nurture different aspects of our lives. Friendships, relationships, hobbies, careers, and our spiritual life are just a few examples. What we get out of these areas depends on how we care, water, and clip.

Anyone else having gardening success this year? What lessons have you learned?

-Derek Hanisch

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