Prepare For The Gospel Men Conference

More than ever, our world needs gospel men. These are men who love Jesus, hate sin, love their families, love the church, and make an impact for the kingdom of God. These are men who boldly and courageously reject passivity, take initiative and stand for truth. These are men who are being shaped by the life-transforming reality of Jesus Christ in every area of their lives. The church needs leaders that are armed for a spiritual war and will do serious damage in this world for King Jesus. If you want to win a war you need good men, and you need a lot of them.

A one-day conference alone can’t produce men like that, but it can be a spark that ignites communities of men to pursue gospel transformation in greater ways.

The Gospel Men conference on March 1, from 9am-4pm, exists to challenge men of all ages to pursue radical gospel transformation in their lives.

Speakers at the main sessions include: Chris Wachter (Hiawatha Church, Minneapolis), Bryan Lair (Trinity City Church, St. Paul), Kyle Eaton (Rock Hill Community Church, Duluth), and Steve Treichler (Hope Community Church, Minneapolis).

Gospel Men is put on by Antioch Community Church and Hope Community Church, in partnership with the Acts 29 Network.

Join us for a day of solid teaching, worship, community, bonding, and more! Please register here.

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