Worshiping God Through Work

Many years ago when I was in my last semester of college, I was challenged by the on-campus ministry to go on staff for a year prior to taking a full time job as an engineer. While I appreciated the challenge and I was sure that I would learn a lot in on-campus ministry, I felt compelled to pursue my engineering career. At the time, I felt that I had in some way chosen the less holy career, and that I was letting God down in some way.

I felt that at least I would be able to make money that I could contribute to ministry, and I would have my evenings and weekends to do ministry work. But shortly after I started work, I found that I had a few older engineers in my department that loved Jesus and through my interactions with them, they challenged me to reconsider the relationship between work and ministry. Was my work really only beneficial to the kingdom because of the money I made? Was my ministry really only confined to nights and weekends? I was challenged to think of my work as my ministry, primarily to those around me and in cubicles next to me. I then began to view my work place as a mission field.

Since this challenge early in my career to share the Gospel with those around me, God has put people in my life that challenge me even further, asking me if that is all my work can be for the kingdom? God has challenged me to continue to ask, is there something more? How can my work be an extension of ministry, an extension of the Kingdom work that God is doing? How can my work be a continuation of my worship of God?

These questions are just some of the questions that we will wrestle with during the session I will be leading at the MoH Work Intensive. Please come and join with other guys who want to understand how to carry their worship with them into their work. Men who don’t want to worship work or the results of work, but want to worship God through their work.

As an elder at Hope, I have been challenged to seek to connect the glorious Gospel to all that I do. I am an engineer and project manager at a small medical start-up company in Brooklyn Park, CVRx. I have worked in the medical device industry since my internship in college. I am married to a beautiful woman named, Lorelei (I married up), and I have two boys, Carston (16) and Kyle (12).

I look forward to seeing you at the MoH Work Intensive.

–Bart Carey

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