Wrestling With Rest: Thoughts On Sabbath

Sabbath is a difficult concept for modern Christians to fully embrace. This is true for a number of reasons. First, it seems antiquated and foreign. The very notion that people would sit around and “do nothing” for an entire day feels bizarre; and, quite frankly, it feels un-American.

Second, it seems impractical. Each one of us relishes the weekend as a time that long-ignored projects and errands can get done. Is it really possible to take a Sabbath and still get everything accomplished?

Third, it often feels unnecessary – especially to those of us who are energized by (or obsessed with) our jobs. Why would I take a Sabbath when it feels better to put in an extra day at the office?

And yet, despite these objections, it seems that we are supposed to learn something from Sabbath about who God is and who He has created us to be. It is, after all, woven into the very fabric of creation itself. Rest is something that God doesn’t take lightly, and we shouldn’t either.

But how should we do that? Should Sabbath look different for us than it looked for God’s people in the Old Testament? How about in the New Testament? Is there a difference between true Sabbath and just taking time off?

All of these questions are worthy of exploration and discussion. Come to the Gospel Work Intensive and be a part of the conversation about how we can be men who honor God, our families and our employers by how we rest.

–Tim Johnson

2 thoughts on “Wrestling With Rest: Thoughts On Sabbath

  1. Tim,

    I remember when I was a kid and it seemed like the city of Chicago would just shut down. By middle school I was bored outta my mind and was estatic when more movie theaters would stay open. By high school I don’t believe anything was closed on Sunday.

    While I am excited about all of the subjects at the Work Intensive I fear “Sabbath Rest” is gonna mess with me in a big way.

    And, I can’t wait!



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