Power of the Cross

Man cannot have two masters. This means that if Jesus is my Lord, Caesar (the govenment) is not. Our hope should not be in any politicians or polices. Our hope should not be in any country, even though our politicians say “America is the hope of the earth”. All our hope needs to be in Jesus Christ with no “but” added on.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.”

Israel had a long history of doing the opposite of what God commanded, and these words were not followed. Instead, they put their hope in their own might rather than putting their trust in God and the path He had for them. I feel like we’re the same way. We put our trust in our own abilities rather than Jesus and His abilities. We put our trust in laws or powering over people rather than the way of Jesus – serving, healing, and loving people. The hope of the world doesn’t lean on the church conquering, but on Jesus. To put it more practically, this means that the goal of the Church should shift from trying to control society, to actually start striving to follow Jesus. We would be busy with this task for the rest of our lives. Perhaps it’s time to put our trust in the name of the Lord our God rather than chariots and horses (a power tha we can control).

Any other way than the way of Jesus, and we are in danger of sacrificing our witness….sacrificing our Christlikeness. None of this is a suggestion that we take a passive approach to the world. We are supposed to be the salt. Even if the salt still has its saltiness, it would be useless if it just sat inside its container.  We are called to influence the world, but not through ways of the world. We have to trust that love and serving is the best way, even though it may seem foolish at times. We are to trust in the power of the cross, even when it looks like we’re not “winning”.

These are words spoken from a seromon over a decade ago that remain relevant even today:

“Everything hangs on our willingness to trust the power of the cross…the power of self-sacrificial love.

Even when it looks like we are losing. Even when it looks like Jesus is being arrested. Even when it looks like immorality is winning the day.

Even when it looks like our rights might be denied Even when we might lose our lives….”

I see nothing to fear. We are living in an immoral land, it has been immoral since the beginning. My worries are rarely about what the world is doing, but what the church is doing. Let us live in love, as Christ loved us.

-Brian McCarthy

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