We’ve Been Delegated

I worry about the phrase “God is in control” – not because of any theological disagreement, but due to a fear that we, as Christians, can easily become passive when it comes to the injustices around us.

I strongly believe that God is sovereign. God could come in at any moment and fix everything, but that’s not how He chooses to operate the world. He has given us a lot of responsibility. His creation has been seized by evil spiritual forces who seek to destroy His plan for the world.

As Christians our calling is to engage in His plan by attempting to restore creation to the way it was intended to be. Even though we will never see this full restoration until Christ comes back, this should not discourage us from trying to bring heaven to earth. We’ve been delegated and when we screw up, God doesn’t take the wheel back…although I think it’s pretty clear that there have been exceptions to the rule – we cannot strictly depend on those exceptions happening.

Maybe the answers to the difficult questions isn’t about some hidden divine plan – sometimes the answers are the hard, scary, and obvious :

Why do we see innocent people suffer?

Because we don’t take care of them

Why did that shooting take place?

Because the shooter, with possible demonic influence, chose to kill

Why did God take my daughter away?

He didn’t, the leukemia did

Maybe your theology can answer those questions better. Maybe “God is in control” is the answer. Either way, let us not become fatalists or passive when it comes to suffering. Let’s follow God’s mandate for Christians. I want to continue seeing girls saved from brothels, widows and orphans cared for, cure the sick, watch the oppressed set free, and have people come to know Christ. That’s my prayer.

Those are my honest thoughts. Agree? Disagree? I’d love to hear your feedback.

–Brian McCarthy

2 thoughts on “We’ve Been Delegated

  1. I detect some dualism in the use of the belief that “God is in control” to support a stance of passivity toward suffering. We expect God to bring some meaning, good, or resolution out of a situation in some spiritual way, apart from anything we do. I think God works through us rather than outside of us–you could say He delegates some of His sovereignty to the church. It’s pretty scary.


  2. It could be scary, but it is also awesome! I’ve been given a Neuroscience 101 brief before during an NROTC lab that said some hormone which does good things (to put it as simply as possible because I don’t remember much detail) to your mind and body is released when you take a “challenge accepted!” mentality. A hormone that does bad things (again, oversimplification) is released when you take on the mentality of “why me?” or “oh no, we are doomed!” or “it’s too much for me to handle! I can’t.” etc.

    So the men in the world would ideally be able to recognize that we are often times made the underdog in many situations because we don’t live in paradise right now (as the fall was mentioned in the blog). But given those circumstances, we have the choice of perspective and how we respond. I’d much rather have the “heart of a champion” as my good friend from high school describes those who overcome underdog situations than just accepting situations as hard and only do what is expected to be achievable.

    As far as the theology discussed so far, I agree with the delegation and how that can change the way we think about who God is and what we should do. I don’t have a solid grasp on dualism, but I can get by for now not knowing what it is.


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