Manly Man Crush Monday: Ralph Baer

Until a month ago I didn’t even know who Mr. Baer was. Yet as a kid of the ’70s and the ’80s, I cannot deny the influence of Ralph Baer on my generation and the generations that have followed. He forever changed the way we play and create.

Ralph Baer is a National Medal of Technology winning inventor and innovator and is known as the “Father of Video Games.” Having out lived his wife and friends, at 91-years-young he is still creating and inventing. From his vantage point, he doesn’t see much of an option but to continue inventing and challenging himself.  Mr. Baer should be an inspiration to us to work hard despite rejection. Throughout his life he would create as many as 15 new items a year, and of those 15, maybe only 1-2 would ever be licensed for production.

Maybe you need to ask yourself if you have given up. Maybe you can use Ralph Baer’s life as an example to get back at it. Get back to creating. Back to being challenged.

Who inspires you to continue on despite rejection and loss?  In what ways are you continuing to be challenged?

–Roger Messener

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