Feats Of Amazing Human Skill

When I was in grade school I used to think it was impressive to belch the alphabet, then I grew up and met men who had learned five languages, or climbed office buildings with their bare hands, or built pinball machines in their basement out of spare parts. In an age where billions of hours of crazy human stunts is an internet search away, you’d think it would be getting harder to be impressed by humanity’s talents.

However, God designed us with some remarkable abilities and gave us the desire to create some truly amazing things. check out these intricate cityscapes made from household objects by Japanese Artist Takahiro Iwasaki and then tells us about the craziest human talent you’ve ever seen.

One thought on “Feats Of Amazing Human Skill


    As all good art should this makes me wanna run out and make something!

    I will probably just take a nap.

    But inspiring all the same.


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