Mad Man Crush Monday: Hope Elders Class of 2013


Some say that we are the sum total of our experiences and the people that we know and do life with. In light of that sentiment the first Monday of the month Mad Man Crush Monday will take a look at the men that have made us the men we are today. Whether it be men of great prominence, or men that hold the greatest of wealth in their “common” and “ordinary” day-to-day impact on our lives. Through this monthly post, I hope to encourage everyone to take a moment to recognize men like these in our own lives. Men that have not simply inspired us to be the men we are today, but through their examples charge us to become ever greater men of Christ, influence, and blessing to a watching world.

During the 2009 Bootcamp! we looked at the characteristics of manhood found in scripture. Narrowing our focus in 2010 we studied the qualifications of an elder found in places like 1 & 2 Timothy. We also highlighted those men in our community already living and serving in the capacity of an elder. What we learned in that study of eldership wasn’t simply the qualifications of an elder, but rather a Godly standard that any man can pursue regardless of their intention of eldership.

On January 22, 2013 we got to celebrate some of the results of those first studies at Bootcamp! as we welcomed in seven guys into the role of elder at Hope Community Church. Seven men, just like you and I, who rose to the occasion and accepted the invitation to lead as elders. This new title was mainly a confirmation of the lives and confessions of these men that had already been tested and proven. Lives that would have continued on that trajectory regardless of title or office.

This months Mad Man Men Crush Monday are Jon Neal, Drew Zuelke, Graham Nelson, Andy Karsky, Ben Wacek, Sean McVenes, and Bryan Freeman who make up the Class of 2013 Elders of Hope Community Church. Be sure to take the time to pray for and get to know each of these men. They are our “first amongst equals,” our brothers, and our leaders. Observe their lives as an encouragement to never give up in your pursuit of Christ. A life marked by building others up through service of Gospel and community. A life not defined in titles or expectations. Rather a life of freedom; a life of being defined in Christ alone.

– Roger Messner

2 thoughts on “Mad Man Crush Monday: Hope Elders Class of 2013

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Roger. This is one stellar group of men, and I am humbled and thankful to be “in the trenches” with them.

    And there are so many more guys at Hope who are growing in leadership, loving their neighbor and pursuing Christ well. This is so cool!


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