What Is The Purpose Of A Journey?

The Reward from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

I recently saw this animated short from a new animation studio in Denmark, and it got me thinking about the adventures we have in our own lives. Sometimes God sends us on a journey, but the goal of that journey isn’t always what we initially think it’s suppose to be. Instead it’s something else.

Check out the film, and then let me know if it sparks any memories of adventures you’ve had throughout your own life.

4 thoughts on “What Is The Purpose Of A Journey?

  1. Two major thoughts result from watching the video:

    I greatly appreciate the message of “journey” in this video. I confess that I, at times, succumb to the notion of arrival, and often lose sight of God’s desire for me to be attentive to the present journey. How is God developing me now? What current journey am I on? How can I better position myself in the way of God and his road map?

    The objectification of the women as a prize to be wielded – not so much a fan. Within that vein, we need to constantly remind ourselves of the prize that scripture speaks to – Heaven. We can’t pursue Jesus with the anticipation that our rewards will be material or earthly. May we be men who seek Jesus for Jesus.


    1. Author? Author?

      What says you?

      I have some similar thoughts as Jordan, but would love to hear from the Author of this post beforeI carry on


      1. What are you running after? I spend too much of my life running after the wrong things.

        But sometimes I step back and see how God has worked through my life – how he’s changed me – and I remember who I should be running after.

        “Don’t stop believing. Unless your dream is stupid. Then you should get a better dream.”


  2. I think the best journeys are those that lead us to answer questions we would not have thought to ask in the beginning. That is, that a great journey is one in which we are deeply changed.

    I know that has been my experience over the past few years… every now and then I get that real “meta” moment of clarity of how fast and to what great extent my life is changing. It gives me pause and time to rejoice in who God is that he chooses to work in my life.


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