Icarus, Art, and the Lies We Believe

MP900177840Growing up I was taught, and believed, that it took someone special to be an artist. I couldn’t draw at all, so I fed into the lie that I’d never be an artist. I believed that I’d never live to make art. I bought into this lie hook, line, and sinker.

Maybe you’re like me.  Maybe you think making art is something that you’ll never be able to do.

Lately, I’ve found myself reading a lot of stuff from Seth Godin and Jeff Goins. Recently, Jeff interviewed Seth about art. Seth contends that we’ve chosen to fly too low when it comes to creating.

The  interview is about half an hour, and can be downloaded here. I would encourage everybody to give it a listen, and share any thoughts that they have.

Also, check out Hope’s Created to Create – Art in God’s Kingdom ed hour that starts this week and will be talking about this topic more in depth.

-Derek Hanisch

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One thought on “Icarus, Art, and the Lies We Believe

  1. Derek,

    Totally agree with you man. I grew up believing the same lie. I also grew up in a culture where art was a “hobby”, something you do only in your free time. That art was nice, but serious people get a “real job”. It really poisoned my view of artists and the culture. Then I took a required art class in College… I went in to it trying to leave my old baggage behind and giving it a second chance. I LOVED IT! From learning about historical artists and their work, to doing my own oil painting (it was rough looking) I loved every minute of it!

    I think it also taught me something about God. Our God is definately an artist. God shows himself off thru his artistic creation and displays much of his Glory and love for us through it. This inspired me to engage more art, and enjoy God in a fresh, new way.

    Anyone who grew up in a similar situation as mine, I encourage you guys to take a second look.

    Great post Derek!


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