Christmas in the Hospital

As mentioned before, dates are very important to me. Another date I will always remember is December 25th, 2005. I was in a fierce battle with cancer this Christmas.

Normally on Christmas Eve I would’ve been  spending time with my family, eating burger and fries, and having an all around good time.  This year, however, things were different.  With my red blood cell count dangerously low, I had been too tired to even want to open gifts, but it was okay because I was home and among family.

Around 8pm exhaustion had gripped at me, and I had fallen fast asleep. It had been about 3am on Christmas Day that things took a turn for the worst. Fevers were a common occurrence for me, but that night it got bad.

My fever rose to well over 100, and I could barely move. My parents helped me to the car, as walking that far was a chore, and we made our way to the hospital at the U of M.

As my mom pushed my wheelchair onto floor 5b, the nurses and doctors flocked to me. I was in bad shape. As I lay in the hospital bed, covered with heated blankets yet freezing cold, my outlook was grim.

My doctor even pulled my mom aside, teller her that they would do everything that they possibly could for me, but the next day would be critical. Thanks to God, I continued to fight and the fever broke. Many prayers of thanks were said.

I spent Christmas day and New Year’s in the hospital. It was not where I wanted to be. I sorely wished that I was at home, yet the hospital was where I needed to be. I was with my family – and friends came to visit as well.

This was the worst Christmas that I ever had. Even though it really sucked, God’s providence was also clearly seen. I often wonder if God is always present, but we don’t see Him until our life hits rock bottom.

When in your life was God’s presence the clearest?

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