Exploring The Table Of Nations In Minneapolis

A few weeks ago, Trike preached a sermon called “The Table of Nations.” You can listen to his sermon here. Trike is a rock star at pronouncing the names of all of Noah’s descendants, but that isn’t why I bring it up. (However, if Trike’s presentation of names blew your mind, I invite you to blog your heart out about it here.)

The reason why I bring up Trike’s sermon about the Table of Nations is that I felt challenged and encouraged by the end of his message. Through scripture, Trike showed us that we are called to connect and engage with other cultures. In order to effectively engage other people and impact them with the Gospel, I think it’s important that we willingly step into their lives – that we move into their cultures and environments.

The great thing about Minneapolis is that we have myriad varieties of culture to explore here in our home town! I would love to share with you some of the ways I have experienced other cultures locally. Below is a list of places, foods, and events that I have tried and enjoyed big time. I hope these experiences encourage you to learn more about the table of nations that surrounds us.

Feel free to comment with ways you have experienced other cultures locally. I am always looking for more!

– Joe Klein

4 thoughts on “Exploring The Table Of Nations In Minneapolis

  1. Thanks Joe! Certainly there are TONS of opportunities to get involved with people from other cultures. I think the biggest challenge is where to start. Two cool things that Hope is doing:

    1) Weekly prayer walks to pray for Somalis who live near Hope! These are happening on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30 to 5:30. Contact Kristie W. at kristie62@gmail.com for more info.

    2) Check out church planting – Gangnam style! That’s right – next July, you could go on a trip to Asia with Pioneers to partner with local church planters. This is an awesome opportunity to help advance the gospel among some people that have never heard it, to be spiritually developed as a leader, and to eat lots of rice. Check it out on the City – http://hopecc.onthecity.org/groups/4656/topics/949818


  2. Yea I really enjoy midtown, great place to get introduced to something different and cool. Great atmosphere also. Ace Ventura was swirling around in brain the whole time I thought of this post! Allll righty then!


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