Turning a Life of Crap into Roses

Last week I posted about my journey with cancer.  What happened to me when I was seventeen changed my life forever.

I want you to think back to your life when you were seventeen, a junior in highschool. Your biggest worries were getting the car for the weekend, staying up all night to write that paper you should have written days ago, and freaking out about that pimple that was beginning to form on your nose.

My life, however, was far from average. I no longer had these worries. Instead, I worried about my white blood counts, my hemoglobin, and having a limb salvage surgery on my leg. 

There were many days where I lay on the hospital bed, dying. The occasional beep from the IV next to my head broke the silence. I felt defeated.

Simply put, life sucked.

You know what? That’s okay. Sometimes life does suck. Not everything is going to be fluttering butterflies, dancing unicorns, and shimmering rainbows.

Sometimes life is a steaming pile of crap.

Good thing God is a skilled farmer. He can take that steaming pile of crap and turn it into some awesome manure. Any good farmhand knows that in order to grow a great crop, you’ve got to spread the manure.

God took the cancer in my life and taught me some awesome things. The crap turned into manure, and grew some beautiful roses. Not a bad trade, as roses tend to smell better than crap.

What crap in your life has God turned into fertilizer?

-Derek Hanisch

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