God Cares How You Vote, But Maybe Not For The Reasons You Would Think

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Politics. Very few topics, aside from religion and sports, can ignite such a broad range of emotional, mental, and even physical responses. Even those who are apathetic toward politics, possibly jaded, often hold unswervingly in their position to just “not care.” And then there are those who are über political, constantly promoting their chosen candidate or berating the “other guy.”

So why try to lend voice to such an intense and deliberately contested topic? Because I think the Gospel has something to say; and I think God cares how you vote. Whoa! Did he just say that? Yep, I did. He cares for not necessarily the matter on which you voted (did you pull the D lever or the R lever) but the manner in which you voted.

You see, much of the debate surrounding conservative or liberal ideals is matter driven (protecting the environment, stewarding resources well, taxing the wealthy, pro-life/pro-choice, immigration, etc…) Is focusing on matter bad? Absolutely not! What I am
contending for is an additional focus, and a concern, on the manner in which we vote. Matter and manner matter!

At the core of many political agendas, Republican, Democrat, or Independent, is a focus on human interests. Very often, these platforms are a means to an end for people being able to look out for numero uno! In other words, people are selfish. Why? Because of sin. Sin complicates everything. The political realm is not immune to its destructive influences.

Conversely, the heart of the Christian story is a message that God did not think this way. He bore our sins on our behalf – sending his Son to die for us and defeating sin! Can you think of any single person, let alone any political or governmental structure, that would do this on behalf of its citizens, even the whole world?

Politics, along with everything else, does not exist in a vacuum. We don’t cease being Christians on Nov. 6th. Because of this, I think it’s important that we remember the gospel, and ponder how it is integrating with our hearts on that day. For some, the manner in which they vote is remembering that God is still God, and they are not. For others, it’s a responsive call to be externally focused. For others still, it’s relying on the hope of Christ’s return. No doubt, the choices and decisions that are made on Nov. 6th will have an impact on the United States. How much more then should the Gospel message have an impact on us as Christ-followers, as we enter that booth?

Christ-follower, in response to the gospel message, does “love God” and “love neighbor” pour forth from you in that booth as much as you desire it does the other 364 days of the year?

Does God care about the matter that’s on the ballots this year? Truthfully, I don’t know. Does God care about your heart condition and the manner in which you vote this year? I think he does.

– Jordan Anderson

One thought on “God Cares How You Vote, But Maybe Not For The Reasons You Would Think

  1. Well said, Jordan!

    I especially appreciate your mention of sin in this entire process. I think too often we view a certain political ideology as THE answer to our society’s problems. While certain policies may be better or worse for people and our society as a whole, there really is no simple, easy answer because ultimately the problem of a broken world remains.

    I think as Christ followers we are called to be citizens who display the love and grace of Christ in the midst of a political world that is too often polarized and hostile. What an opportunity we have to be walking examples of the Gospel in this world!


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