Is God’s Clock Broken?

In the business world timing is very important. We can’t let the customers wait, can we? Everything has to be delivered on time, or hell will pay. At one of the job sites I work with there’s a sign hanging on the wall that emphasizes this. It reads:

The Right Part
In The Right Place
At The Right Time

That sounds pretty nice, right? In life we like the right part, at the right time, in the right place. We want things to flow and go smoothly.

I wonder, however, if it’s not this way with God. Sure, we want the right part, in the right place, at the right time. We often pray “God, I’m doing X, please have Y happen.” We want specific things to happen, things that we feel are “right.”

More and more I have begun to think that perhaps God has a sign hanging behind the desk He uses when answering our prayers that reads:

The Wrong Part
In The Wrong Time
At The Wrong Place

I believe that God often sends us the wrong thing we need, or perhaps the right thing, but the timing is all wrong. I do not think that God is doing this to be difficult, although some days it feels this way.

I believe most of our Christian walk is full of God giving us the wrong part, at the wrong time, in the wrong place. He does this so that he can transform it into the right part, time, and place. He does this so he can transform us into the right people.

The Christian life is about God taking something that is wrong, broken, and lost and restoring it to something that is “right” and perfect.

Next time you pray don’t ask God to deliver the “right” thing. Instead, pray that he will transform whatever he needs to in your life so that it becomes the “right” thing, at the “right” time, in the “right” place.

Ask yourself: What are you waiting for to become the right part, time, or place?

 – Derek Hanisch

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