Men + Women = Cool Stuff

Dudes! I want to share two things with all y’all. First off, I just wrote a note to the Women at Hope who will be at Slumber Games. I wrote this with you men in mind, and you can read it below. This is what we want our sisters to know and believe!

Secondly, I attached the note that the Women at Hope wrote for us dudes at Bootcamp. I’m sharing this with all of you guys, because it’s so encouraging.

Men, read these today.

Think about how God has blessed you with the amazing, Godly women who surround you. Then think about your role in their lives, and how you can bless them immensely.

Love you, men. So thankful for God’s work in your lives!

– Seth Prince

Our Note to the Women:

Stellar Women at Hope,

The Men of Hope want to wish you an amazing, fun-filled, Gospel-centered time at Slumber Games! We hope that for every single one of you God will encourage you, bless you, give you rest, and allow you to connect with the other awesome women in our church family. May this weekend be a significant catalyst in your walk with God and others, both right now and throughout this entire year.

Women of Hope, you have no idea how much you bless us, the Men of Hope. Your love for Jesus, your faithfulness in serving, your Godly character, and your commitment to what is really good and true; these all can be summed up in one phrase: You Are Beautiful. We, the Men of Hope, are humbled and stunned by you, our awesome sisters in Christ. You make us better men because of who you are. Thank you.

Your brothers in Christ,

The Men of Hope

WOH Note To Us:

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