Grieving With Christ

Article by David Nelson — Lazarus didn’t look good. Mary and Martha watched their brother grow weaker and weaker. His skin looked pale and yellow. He started coughing, sometimes with blood. They knew he was dying, so they sent word to the Healer. Jesus received the news with seemingly little concern. “’Lord, the one you … More Grieving With Christ

Shrewd Investments

Article by Paul Stiver  __ I was laughing to myself after my recent fantasy baseball draft. It dawned on me that I know a lot of information about random baseball players whom I’ll never meet. I realized that I’ve dedicated a good portion of my brain space to tracking these guys. I’m not saying it’s … More Shrewd Investments

Mature Faith

Article by Michael Bolland — Lately, I’ve found myself exploring what it means to live out a mature faith in Jesus Christ. Usually, in an immature fashion, I would keep this contemplation isolated to myself, but one thing I’ve observed about those I look up to in the faith is that they invite others into … More Mature Faith

The Gospel Way

Article by Paul Stiver — I love action movies. I love any action scene where absurd, impossible, and borderline preposterous things happen. For example, in “Live Free or Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis, there is a scene where he rolls out of a speeding police car to safety while the car launches off the ground … More The Gospel Way