Shrewd Investments

Article by Paul Stiver  __ I was laughing to myself after my recent fantasy baseball draft. It dawned on me that I know a lot of information about random baseball players whom I’ll never meet. I realized that I’ve dedicated a good portion of my brain space to tracking these guys. I’m not saying it’s … More Shrewd Investments

Mature Faith

Article by Michael Bolland — Lately, I’ve found myself exploring what it means to live out a mature faith in Jesus Christ. Usually, in an immature fashion, I would keep this contemplation isolated to myself, but one thing I’ve observed about those I look up to in the faith is that they invite others into … More Mature Faith

The Gospel Way

Article by Paul Stiver — I love action movies. I love any action scene where absurd, impossible, and borderline preposterous things happen. For example, in “Live Free or Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis, there is a scene where he rolls out of a speeding police car to safety while the car launches off the ground … More The Gospel Way

Prison Fellowship

Article by Miles Trump — When I read about prison in the Bible, the first person to pop into my mind is the apostle Paul – the New Testament writer put behind bars several times throughout his missionary journeys for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. In this context, passages such as Matthew 25 seem … More Prison Fellowship

Living Without Light

Article by David Nelson — The darkness of spiritual depression and spiritual desertion confuses, disrupts, and overwhelms many brothers and sisters in the Church. It’s a period of morbid introspection, crumbling assurance, unexplainable joylessness, and frustrating apathy. It can, more or less, also feel like God has absolutely deserted you. Above all, though, it is … More Living Without Light